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European Freshwater Turtle Breeder's Convention

This important event brought together freshwater chelonia keepers and breeders from Europe and beyond, to share knowledge, experiences and best practise.

In March 2012, the established European Freshwater Turtle Breeder's Convention was held for the first time in the UK. The conference is now an annual event, originated by the group Chelonia 2002. The BHS was delighted to be able to support the event and be associated with it.

Hosting the conference in the UK was made possible by Peregrine Livefoods, who very kindly allowed us to use their premises and who also sponsored the event., along with ZooMed.

A brief report of the conference (which originally appeared in Practical Reptile Keeping ) is below:

PRK - Turtle Conference Report  pdfPRK News June .pdf

Further content from the event will be uploaded in the near future - including speaker's presentations and (subject to relevant permissions) video recordings of some of the talks.


pdf MATTHIAS H.spinosa BHS 2012.pdf

pdfmarcel walz cuora pani.pdf

pdfTemple Ponds in Asia - Possible Sanctuaries?

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 Additional related information:

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