The British Herpetological Society

The BHS Library

The British Herpetological Society is one of the few herpetological societies in the U.K. to possess a library. It has many books and reprints as well as journal runs from journal exchanges with societies around the world. It holds the Corkhill bequest which contains many rare books on venomous snakes and religion and snakes.

Some of the books and journals may be borrowed by members by post or by visiting the library with agreement with the Librarian. Sections may be scanned and sent as a PDF to members or bona fide researchers in herpetology. The list of books and journal holdings can be obtained from the librarian, the Library also has a large number of reprints both in the printed form and others more recently electronically as PDFs and can be e-mailed or sent on Facebook messenger or if large can be deposited on a holding site to be downloaded, the link being sent via e-mail or Facebook messenger by the Librarian

The library is involved in tracking down and providing literature in electronic format for researchers across the World and is in contact with several herpetologists with large literature collections who are willing to help obtaining rare or unusual literature.

The e-mail of the Librarian is .  The majority of the Library is held in Dorset, with an overflow of books being kept at Potters Bar.

The library is involved in providing literature data for the Nemys Euroherp database being run from Gent University which has become one of the most important sources of information for European herpetofauna on the internet.