The British Herpetological Society

The Vanishing Vipers Conference

The national adder conservation meeting is being held on the 8th-9th of October 2016 in Somerset. Titled "The Vanishing Viper: priorities for adder conservation" this conference will address all aspects of adder conservation including:

· ·Strategic challenges and solutions for adder conservation

· Insights from survey and research

· Managing landscapes sympathetically for adders: opportunities and challenges for land managers

· Public interactions with adders – what messages should we be broadcasting?

· Site protection, regulation and policy issues

· Mitigating development impacts

· Prioritisation of threats and conservation actions for the adder

The full PDF flyer can be downloaded below:

pdfVanishing Vipers Conference PDF181.47 KB31/08/2016

Booking is essential, and can be done through the following link: