The British Herpetological Society

Development Officer: Mr. Mark Hollowell

The role of the Development Officer is to assist with all matters relating to the Society's continuing development as a modern membership organisation. In particular, and as necessary, with issues concerning the website, policy and development, as well as modernising the BHS's publications strategy.


Website and Communications Officer - Vacant

Responsibilities pending revision. 


Trade Monitoring Officer: Mrs. Alexia Hesten

The Trade Officer has the general brief to liase with the Trade and update Council and the wider Society on significant regulatory changes  - potential and actual - that may impact the interests and activities of BHS members. The Officer monitors the activities of the trade and is aware of what animals and what equipment is available. The Officer also looks at government and other authorities' activities and represents the BHS view if asked. Legal, regulatory and commercial activities form the bulk of the Officer's activity.

Meetings Organiser - Mr Paul Eversfield

The Meetings Organiser is responsible  for developing and expanding the BHS meetings program.