The British Herpetological Society

President: Dr Gerardo Garcia

The role of the President is to represent the Society at all levels and as widely as possible, and to officiate at the Society's public meetings.

Chair: Mr Mark Hollowell

The Chair is responsible for the day to day organisation of the Society's activities working in conjunction with the other executive members. He / She also chairs  meetings of the Council in conjunction with the Secretary.


Treasurer: Mr. Michael Wise (co-opted)

The Treasurer's primary duties are to maintain books of accounts, control the receipt and payment of cash, liase with the Society's bank and  ensure annual accounts are prepared.  He or She also has responsibility for budgeting  for future expenditure, presenting up-to-date financial returns at Council meetings or, after notice, when required confirm the Annual Accounts Statements with two Auditors who are Members of the Society but not Members of Council.

Secretary (and Membership Secretary): Mr. Trevor Rose

The Secretary's primary duties are to  receive and handle the Society's mail and to maintain effective,  up to date membership records. The Secretary is also responsible for the distribution of the Society's publications, general administration and dealing with enquiries.


Finance Officer: Vacant

The Finance Officer post was newly created in 2018 with an objective of securing assistance for the Treasurer