The British Herpetological Society

Scientific Editor: Dr. Rick Hodges

The Scientific Editor is responsible for the receipt and review of all manuscripts submitted to the HB for publication. This involves liaison with authors, referees, associate editors and members of the editorial associates. The Scientific Editor makes the final decisions concerning the suitability of papers for publication based on the reviews received, and forwards accepted manuscripts to the Managing Editor for processing.


Managing Editor: Ms Julie Tee

The role of the Bulletin Editor is to oversee the production and publication of The Herpetological Bulletin. This involves checking and editing of articles to ensure that they conform to the Bulletin's house style, coordination of the layout of articles using DTP, production of author's page proofs, and liaison with the commercial print bureau. Other specific responsibilities of the Editor include the distribution of offprints and complimentary copies of the Bulletin to authors, and return of photographs/original artwork.