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The Herpetological Bulletin is a quarterly publication in English. It includes full-length papers, natural history notes, book reviews, and other items of general herpetological interest. Emphasis is placed on natural history and conservation as well as captive care that includes breeding, husbandry, veterinary, and behavioural aspects.

Issue Number 112 – Summer 2010 Issue Number 112 – Summer 2010

pdf 01. Research Abstracts


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  • New taxonomy for Lampropeltis getula group
  • Habitat Fragmentation as cause of Local Amphibian Decline.
  • Red-eyed Treefrog embryos use two features of rain vibrations to avoid evasive hatching false alarms.
  • Metapopulation dynamics and climate impacts of a declining great crested newt metapopulation.


pdf 02. Thermoregulation of Craugastor berkenbuschii (Peters, 1870)


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Martha Anahi Güizado-Rodríguez, Uri Omar García-Vázquez and José Luis Aguilar-López

pdf 04. Helminths of Anolis nitens (Squamata, Polychrotidae), from Brazil and Ecuador, South America


Open Access

Stephen R. Goldberg, Charles R. Bursey and Laurie J. Vitt

pdf 05. Herpetological observations from field expeditions to North Karnataka and Southwest Maharashtra, India


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Todd R. Lewis, Steven Piggott, Rowland Griffin, Paul Greig-Smith, Gerald Martin, Greg Barretto, Kaushik Bajibab, John Thorpe-Dixon, Peter Prodromou, Micheal Fordham, David Willis, Jacqui Turner, Adam Radovanovic, Daniel Holloway, Reece Wood, Nigel Hand, Steve Lloyd, Michaela Clapson, James Hennesy and Greg Oldham

pdf 06. Natural History Notes


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Varanus flavescens (Yellow Monitor): Distribution and Reproduction
A.H.M. Ali Reza and MD. Sharif Hossain Sourav

Xenochrophis piscator (Checkered Keelback): Predation
Gerrut Norval, Jean-Jay Mao, Shao-Chang Huang, Chueh Hou and Jessica Lee

Leptodactylus ocellatus (Butter Frog): Diet
Emanuel Teixeira da Silva, Vitor Dias Fernandes, Rodrigo Carraca Heitor and Valdilene Rodrigues Viana

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