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The Herpetological Bulletin is a quarterly publication in English. It includes full-length papers, natural history notes, book reviews, and other items of general herpetological interest. Emphasis is placed on natural history and conservation as well as captive care that includes breeding, husbandry, veterinary, and behavioural aspects.

Issue Number 97 - Autumn 2006 Issue Number 97 - Autumn 2006

pdf 02. Body bending: a cryptic defensive behaviour in arboreal snakes


Open Access

Otavio A. V. Marques, Murilo G. Rodrigues, and Ivan Sazima

pdf 09. Liophis miliaris (Common water snake): cannibalism


Open Access

Henrique Bartolomeu Pereira Braz, Priscila Hess Lopes, Marisa Maria Teixeira da Rocha and Maria de Fátima Domingues Furtado

pdf 10. Crotalus durissus terrificus (Rattlesnake): a case of xanthism.


Open Access

Silvia Regina Travaglia Cardoso and Ana Carolina Parpinelli

pdf 11. Helicops leopardinus (Water snake): reproduction


Open Access

Rodrigo Roveri Scartozzoni and Selma Maria de Almeida-Santos

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