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The Herpetological Bulletin is a quarterly publication in English. It includes full-length papers, natural history notes, book reviews, and other items of general herpetological interest. Emphasis is placed on natural history and conservation as well as captive care that includes breeding, husbandry, veterinary, and behavioural aspects.

Issue Number 106 – Winter 2008 Issue Number 106 – Winter 2008

pdf 04. Significant range extension for the Central American Colubrid snake Ninia pavimentata (Bocourt 1883)


Open Access

Josiah H. Townsend, J. Micheal Butler, Larry David Wilson, Lorraine P. Ketzler, John Slapcinsky and Nathaniel M. Stewart

pdf 06. Behaviour, Time Management, and Foraging Modes of a West Indian Racer, Alsophis sibonius


Open Access

Lauren A. White, Peter J. Muelleman, Robert W. Henderson and Robert Powell

pdf 09. Dipsas Indica (Snail-eating snake): Reproduction


Open Access

Henrique B. P. Braz and Selma M. Almeida-Santos

pdf 10. Mastigodryas boddaerti (Boddaert’s Tropical Racer): Predation


Open Access

Lucas Rodriguez Forti and Ricardo Alexandre Kawashita-Ribeiro

pdf 11. Amphisbaena alba (Worm Lizard): Defensive Behaviour


Open Access

Circe Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, Silvia Regina Travaglia-Cardoso and Daisy Pereira Ramos

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