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The Herpetological Bulletin is produced quarterly and publishes, in English, a range of articles related to herpetology. These include full length papers, book reviews, letters from readers, society news and other items of general herpetological interest. Emphasis is placed on natural history, captive breeding and husbandry, veterinary and behavioural articles.

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Folder Issue Number 110 – Winter 2009

pdf 01. New Species of Herpetofauna from the Greater Mekong Region of Southeast Asia reported by WWF.


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Adapted from material kindly supplied by WWF .
Submitted by: TO DD R. LEWIS (Editor).

pdf 02. Research Abstracts


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A natural history of Ranavirus in an eastern box turtle population.

Beltzer, W. & Seibert, S. (2010). A natural history of Ranavirus in an eastern box turtle population.Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter. In Press

PCBs in Sea Turtles in the Canaries

Orós, J., González-Díaz, O.M. & Monagas, P. (2009). High levels of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in tissues of Atlantic turtles stranded in The Canary Islands, Spain. Chemosphere 74 (3),473-478.

Global Amphibian Extinction Risk Assessment for the Panzootic Chytrid Fungus.

Rödder, D., Kielgast, J., Bielby, J., Schmidtlein, S.,

Bosch, J., Garner, T.W.J., Veith, M., Walker, S., Fisher, M.C. & Lötters, S. (2009). Global Amphibian Extinction Risk Assessment for the Panzootic Chytrid Fungus. Diversity 1, 52-66.


pdf 03. Grassland snake assemblages in central and western Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio, USA


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Walter E. Meshaka, Jr., Samuel D. Marshall, Timothy J. Guiher and Lindsay Zemba

pdf 04. Recent data on the distribution of lizards and snakes of the Seychelles


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Sara Rocha, D. James Harris, Ana Perera, Andreia Silva, Raquel Vasconcelos and Miguel A. Carretero

pdf 05. An undescribed gecko (Gekkonidae: Cyrtodactylus) from Deer Cave, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, with comments on the distribution of Bornean cave geckos


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Donald A. McFarlane, Joyce Lundberg and Keith Christenson

pdf 06. Conspicuous tail coloration in Vipera berus


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Kevin Palmer

pdf 07. Notes on the captive husbandry and breeding of the Shovel-footed Squeaker, Arthroleptis stenodactylus (Pfeffer 1893)


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Benjamin Tapley

pdf 08. Wildlife Monographs: Living Dinosaurs & Other Reptiles by Heather Angel


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Kate Statham

pdf Issue Number 110 – Winter 2009 (Full Issue)


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