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The Herpetological Bulletin is a quarterly publication in English. It includes full-length papers, natural history notes, book reviews, and other items of general herpetological interest. Emphasis is placed on natural history and conservation as well as captive care that includes breeding, husbandry, veterinary, and behavioural aspects.

Issue Number 113 – Autumn 2010 Issue Number 113 – Autumn 2010

pdf 01. Research Abstracts


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  • Evolution of  biparental care and monogamy in an amphibian
  • Novel proteins identified from king cobra venom
  • Molecular investigation of infra-red detection by snakes
  • Population and age structure of palmate newts

pdf 03. Notes on the occurrence of Riama simotera (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) in Colombia


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Santiago J. Sánchez-Pacheco, José Vicente Rueda-Almonacid andMarco Rada

pdf 08. Natural History Notes


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  • Trachemys dorbignyi (Brazilian Slider Turtle): Albinism
    Alex Bager
  • Dendropsophus decipiens and Dendropsophus minutus: Defensive behaviour
    Mario Ribeiro de Moura, Jussara Santos Dayrell and Renato Neves Feio
  • Leptodactylus ocellatus (Butter frog): Diet
    Emanuel Teixeirada Silva,Patriciada Silva Santos andOswaldo Pinto Ribeiro Filho
  • Gavialis gangeticus (Indian Gharial): Behaviour

pdf Book Reviews


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  • Extinction in Our Times: Global Amphibian Declines by James P. Collins and Martha L. Crump
    Gary Powell
  • Parasitology in Snakes, Lizards and Chelonians: A Husbandry Guide by Paul Schneller and Nikola Pantchec
    Elliot Jacobson

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